Ukraine will win!

Together - we are a force!

        The main purpose of the NGO "MY HOUSE DNIPRO" after the invasion of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine is to help people affected by hostilities: refugees, wounded, servicemen and territorial defense. We are currently actively searching for ammunition and equipment for the military in the combat zone. We have also opened a fundraiser for this purpose. All funds and all our resources are sent to help these days! We ask everyone to join! We believe that God gives Ukraine victory and will save it!


        Representatives of our public organization are actively involved in volunteering to provide military and civilian residents and information struggle.


        We call on all those who have not yet contributed to Ukraine's victory in this war to do so. There are many opportunities and needs now. 💛💙


        WE HELP - WE WIN! 🇺🇦


Thank you to everyone who has joined and continues to help our soldiers Together - we are a force !!!